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O.O.H-Outdoor Promotion

Out-of-home advertising (OOH) is any visual advertising media found outside of the home. This can include billboards and signs, ads on street furniture like bus shelters or benches, in transit areas

Electronic & Print Advertisement

Print advertising means advertisements that are printed in hard copy in publications (newspapers, magazines, journals) likely to be read by your target


Retail Branding

Retail branding is a strategy based on the brand concept and which transfers it to a retail company.A retailer's “products” are his stores that can be marketed in a similar way to a branded good.


Signage is the design or use of signs and symbols to communicate a message. A signage also means signs collectively

or being considered as a


Indoor Branding

Indoor branding is big business and it often happens that people and businesses

can get great exposure

from using indoor

media platforms.

Solvent & Digital Printing

The process entails mixing pigment and a solvent to create liquid ink. The printer head then transfers the liquid onto a substrate, as the solvent evaporates a hard layer of ink remains

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